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With over of years of experience in this fields , the company Gashtga Pharma became well known medical supply distributor in Iraq. The company offers a huge variety of products to support healthcare facilities and professionals, and supplies to support the healthcare systems (including supply chain and inventory management technology). Gashtga Pharma also offers products for pharmacy and specialty practices(doctors, medical centers etc.)

About Gashtga Pharma


The company  is  registered in Kurdistan Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trade since 2018.

Our  headquarters are in Erbil and  Baghdad, so we cover all of  the territory in Iraq.

With our well known and established network in the country we have access to all of the regional and national  medical fields through our representatives.

We pride ourselves in exceeding client expectations keen to distribute good quality on good price.

Commercial Projects


With over hundreds of  projects in medical field, we continue to do extensive market research to ensure that our  medical products remain current ,so it relates to a broader market. With our  long-term partnership , we ensure that each process is successful throughout the duration of the project.


Working With Us


Our company is committed on 100% to deal and distribute the best quality finished drugs and other medical products on very good and competitive price level.

Using our know-how in this field, we generate information about the performance of any pharma product and evaluate the possible and most common distribution channel that we are going to use.   


We partner with our clients to understand their vision, objectives and other opportunities so we can deliver the best experience exclusively !